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When a company faces major ‎security challenges or ‎a crisis such as extortion, kidnapping, threats, or political ‎complications; it is critical that the leaders of the organization ‎receive objective recommendations from an experienced party with capable resources and a strong track record of success.


There are myriad variables and unique aspects to any security situation or undertaking. The high-level intelligence and security professionals that comprise our team are trained to think outside the box because landscapes are always changing, and not every threat has a precedent.


The element that creates DEMOMAN’s synergy is the creative thinking that goes into our comprehensive strategic planning. Each member of our interdisciplinary team brings a unique perspective to the development of our solutions, and internally we operate with a horizontal organizational structure so that each member can fully contribute to our planning.


Our skills, knowledge, and diverse experience are especially relevant for companies executing large-scale projects in third-world conflict or post-conflict zones.

Strategic Consulting

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Dynamic changes are contributing to our age of ever-increasing uncertainty. From international terrorism, political instability, cyber-threats, and economic crises, to climate change; Western societies are undergoing a paradigm shift about future certainties. A single event in Eastern Europe has catapulted everyone into a new age of uncertainty, where every day new global developments underscore the worldwide chess match that resembles a military battlefield.

DEMOMAN developed a training program based on the unique Leaders Intent concepts as well as Concept of Operations. Dr. Hanan Shai prepares our clients’ management teams to function in complex crisis environments. Crisis preparedness is an essential facet of organization security, and it is successfully used to manage homeland security as well as natural disasters.

Local Governments & Business Continuity

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