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DEMOMAN provides world-class consulting, training, and security management services to support our clients in the governmental, public, and private sectors. Our experienced teams are trained at the very highest levels, and ready to perform tactical security and strategic consulting anywhere in the world.


DEMOMAN only employs highly trained professionals with senior and executive government experience. For each project, we convene to discuss specific parameters, after which we assemble our most appropriate team members for the tasks at hand; to address the unique challenges of each project. DEMOMAN has trained thousands of government and private security officers worldwide and has a mission to train groups for operating on the highest professional levels. DEMOMAN specializes in creating security programs to fit our client’s culture and language.

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Security Consulting & Training

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Our intimate knowledge and experience in current global hot spots allow us to provide elite levels of executive protection and wealth protection services for senior officials, top executives, and business professionals. Our teams use low-profile methodologies and execute covert security measures to reduce client profiles and exposure. We assist our clients with screening, recruiting, training, testing, and managing protection units—which we can also manage ourselves.


When needed, we deploy our own private security detail teams to secure important meetings in high-risk locations and hostile environments. DEMOMAN will often work in cooperation with foreign or local intelligence and law enforcement personnel for additional resources and coverage.


DEMOMAN offers preventive intelligence coverage services to mitigate potential risks while our clients are operating under sensitive conditions. We have a full range of protective executive services in conflict and post-conflict zones.

Executive Protection

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Since 1999, DEMOMAN has provided screening and bomb security training to government agencies in Israel and abroad.


DEMOMAN trains security personnel on addressing threats posed by IEDs, pipe bombs, implanted or inserted devices in the body, and improvised lethal weaponry used by terrorist groups and organized crime syndicates. We provide consulting services on technologies that threaten the security of our clients; and we train security personnel to operate a wide range of security systems.


Our company uses aggressive “red-team” penetration testing and stress tests on client security systems for quality control and identification of potential gaps or lapses. Testing is a critical component in any security implementation.

Screening & Bomb Security

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