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Global Security Trainers

Strategy • Security • Intelligence

"Supreme excellence consists in breaking the enemy’s resistance without fighting"

- Sun Tzu -


Our Multi-tier Services

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One aspect of our ability to provide superior security protection for our clients is our maintenance of close daily contact with local law enforcement and security agencies. Our comprehensive, multi-layered approach to security leverages all available assets for achieving coverage of the greatest amount of surface area.


Our security strategies and solutions are custom-tailored to the very specific challenges our clients face. There are myriad variables, factors, and scenarios woven into the security of an organization, and what sets us apart from other security companies is that we don’t believe in cookie-cutter solutions. Each organization works with unique people and networks in different relationships and circumstances; different operating theaters, and industry-specific threats require careful investigation.


Whether it’s a food corporation in Mexico, a mining company in Africa, or a private bank in Switzerland, our team studies every aspect of the customer’s situation in three dimensions. Before engaging with our clients, DEMOMAN furnishes prospective clients with an investigation and intelligence onboarding that allows our clients to evaluate their security threats, and then view our recommendations for effective solutions. (See Intelligence page for further info).

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Strategy Consulting & Training

Our capable team of industry experts plans ‎and deploys effective, custom-tailored strategies for each of our clients. DEMOMAN services are especially relevant for those governments and companies engaged in enterprise-scale projects in third-world conflict zones.

World Class Security Consulting

DEMOMAN provides world-class consulting, training, and security management services to support our clients in the governmental, public, and corporate sectors. Our experienced teams are highly trained and ready to perform security duties and consulting worldwide.

Global Intelligence Gathering

DEMOMAN is a provider of consulting services and intelligence programs that are geared toward improving client information-gathering procedures. Our company has produced effective intelligence networks worldwide, with superior capabilities for obtaining strategically vital information.

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