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About Us

Since 1999, DEMOMAN International, Ltd has been a leading provider of high-level services for security, intelligence, and law enforcement agencies. Our experience involves consulting for government agencies around the globe, including in Israel, North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Southeast Asia; and with Fortune 500 companies.

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DEMOMAN’s initial focus was on demilitarization, explosive ordinance disposal, bomb security, and countering post 9/11 suicide-terrorism threats.

Today our company has expanded its breadth of offerings to provide end-to-end advanced security solutions, intelligence, and wealth protection services that allow our clients to safely operate around the globe. We also provide highly professional and discreet due diligence vetting services to ensure third party transparency in underdeveloped countries and hot spots.


Our services mitigate risk factors for client investment in conflict and post-conflict zones. From Bogota to Manila, our team provides corporate security and tactical intelligence assignments for sensitive governmental and corporate security activities.

We are adherents to the philosophy that “the best defense is offense,” and therefore it is essential for our clients to be well informed and prepared in advance of any threats. Our process starts with gathering relevant intelligence in parallel with efficient preventive intelligence and security procedures that secure our clients and their assets.

DEMOMAN supports governments with international law enforcement operations against terrorist financing, narcotic trafficking, and money laundering. We also provide assistance with sanctions enforcement and forensic financial investigations. 

DEMOMAN specializes in combating narco-terrorism, which is a growing phenomenon in Central and South America. Cartels and Middle Eastern terrorist groups are supporting massive narcotic production and distribution networks that pose a significant threat to newly established democratic governments. Our assistance involves countering complex transitional threats, using sophisticated intelligence and covert operational services.

DEMOMAN’s Specialized operations and proven methodologies mitigate threats posed by terrorists and criminals, and faced by military, diplomats, governments, business professionals, and corporations. Our company’s management team includes former senior security, intelligence, military and law enforcement officers from Israel, United States, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Canada, and Spain.

DEMOMAN’s intelligence division holds vast experience in gathering and analysis of intelligence, assisted by state-of-the-art technologies. Our teams conduct situation evaluation when analyzing intelligence data, and we practice the highest levels of operational planning and execution for clandestine field work and security management projects. DEMOMAN also offers “embedded consulting” which provides clients with 24/7 services. We are ready and able to provide all available security resources for our clients’ individual needs.

DEMOMAN has recently expanded its scope to service the international private sector.

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Our Vision

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We are committed to the creation and enforcement of secure conditions for governments and private sector organizations so our clients can conduct safe and efficient activities irrespective of global operating theater.

Meet our Team

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DEMOMAN INTERNATIONAL has a select management team comprised of some of the most experienced and trained intelligence, defense, security, and law enforcement professionals. This enables us to provide our clients with the most cutting-edge solutions available.


It’s important to keep in mind that the battlefield is always changing, and we see this metaphor playing out in the Ukraine conflict. For this reason, perhaps our most significant advantage is that our training, experience, and understanding of technologies together give us a creative edge when problem-solving new threats. More than any other single factor, this has always been the qualifying advantage of the Israeli intelligence and defense establishments.

Operational Unit Commander Tal Hanan, Founder & CEO

Tal Hanan served in the Israeli Army special forces as an EOD officer. Following his army service as a major, the IDF appointed him deputy commander of Israel’s elite Air Force EOD unit. During his military career, he liaised with and trained foreign military forces and was the IDF’s liaison officer to the United States Sixth Fleet Special Forces Command.


Hanan led numerous intelligence, security, law enforcement, and anti-corruption missions, as well as assignments and consulting projects for several NATO members, South American governments, and private corporations in the oil & gas sectors. He commanded high-risk executive protection operations in Mexico, Colombia, and Venezuela.


He has trained nearly 5,000 senior military, law enforcement, and Homeland Security officers, and directed counterterrorism, disaster response, and rapid deployment training programs for the US government.


As an internationally recognized expert on urban warfare, counterterrorism, intelligence, operational leadership, and international Islamic Jihad terrorism; he is the recipient of international commendations and testimonials from the senior military, law enforcement, and government officials.


Since 1990, Mr. Hanan has been engaged in the global security, defense, intelligence, and law enforcement industries. He is a much sought-after lecturer and has given testimony and verbal briefings to the US Congress, numerous foreign governments, and international corporations. Mr. Hanan holds a degree in International Relations from Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

Col. (Res.) Dr. Hanan Shai

Hanan Shai is a highly decorated senior officer in the Israeli Defense Forces, where he worked for over three decades. He served with distinction in four wars and was the founder and commander of the advanced training program for senior ranking officers at the prestigious IDF General Staff College.


A senior advisor to the Israeli Ministry of Defense, Dr. Shai is a sought-after lecturer in governmental disaster response and counter-terrorism leadership programs worldwide. He has lectured at prestigious universities throughout the United States and Europe and has advised and given testimony to the US Congress on several homeland security and disaster response matters. 

Dr. Shai has a Ph.D. in Strategy and International Relations from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

Special Agent (Ret.) Samuel Bashan, Training Director

Samuel Bashan served in the IDF and the Israeli Security Agency (ISA) for over two decades. He was as team leader of the Israeli government’s dignitary protection unit, trusted with security responsibilities for three Israeli Prime Ministers.

Mr. Bashan is an expert in bomb security and anti-sabotage tactics. He is widely considered an exceptional trainer and was awarded for his creativity in outstanding mental training programs for security officers.

As a chief instructor of the ISA’s anti-sabotage unit, he has trained hundreds of Israeli security officers stationed in Israel and abroad. In this capacity, he formulated and implemented procedures and security systems that are still used today at Tel-Aviv’s Ben-Gurion International Airport, and in governmental and military installations throughout Israel.

A.G., Director of Security and Covert Operations

A.G. served as a sniper in Israel’s elite combat diving unit and is a former Israeli security and intelligence operative. Following his IDF service, he was recruited by the Israeli Intelligence and Special Operations Agency. After intensive training by the agency, he lived and worked in several countries as an asset for sensitive covert operations. A.G. has unique and invaluable field experience.

His duties included information gathering in high-risk and hostile environments, and he has extensive experience and knowledge of security, intelligence, and counter-intelligence operations. A.G. is a certified advanced training instructor within the Israeli security establishment.

A.S., Executive Team Member

A.S. served as a senior officer in the Special Air Service (SAS) of the British Military. He was awarded the Victoria Cross from Queen Elizabeth for bravery in combat during a special operation in the Middle East. During his distinguished military career, he commanded intelligence-gathering operations and counter-terrorism assaults in hostile territory and has logged over 1,000 parachute jumps. 

After retiring from military service, he served in an executive protection unit for the Balkan royal family where he was again commended for bravery. A.S. shielded a royal family member during an assassination attempt, stopping the bullet with his body while his team eliminated the would-be assassin. 

He served in classified SF operations in the Balkans where he trained local friendly forces during the conflict; and served as a security consultant to a Balkan prime minister. A.S. is a martial artist who has undertaken numerous special training and instruction courses in the British Military.

R.M., Senior Team Member

R.M. served in Spain’s special forces and later became a bomb disposal expert, where he led numerous missions to disarm and dispose of IEDs planted by ETA. He served with high distinction in Afghanistan where he was a senior NATO Instructor. A.G. was charged with overseeing training programs on identifying ‎and managing IEDs during field operations with the Afghan military and law enforcement detachments. R.M. is a weapons & tactics ‎instructor, and an executive protection trainer.

N.B.H., Executive Team Member

N.B.H. served in the IDF’s elite intelligence & special operations unit, which included intensive counter-terrorism field work and counter-insurgency conflict training. He participated in various long-term projects in Honduras, Mexico, Israel, Angola, Venezuela, and Nigeria, and was responsible for coordinating special police and military units for governments worldwide. N.B.H. is a certified firearms & tactics instructor as well as a special operations trainer and has consulted for numerous oil & gas industry security projects.

L.L., Executive Team Member

L.L. was a senior officer in an IDF special forces unit specializing in deep penetration deployments into enemy ‎territory during hostile enemy operations. Since 1997 he was based in Latin America and was responsible for training over one thousand Latin American special law enforcement and executive protection teams. L.L. specializes in ‎‎tracking and surveillance technologies and has successfully completed numerous high-risk ‎deployments in Mexico, Guatemala, and Venezuela. He also specializes in recruiting human assets in hostile territories and handling confidential informants.

S.Z., Senior Team Member

S.Z. served in the IDF’s counterintelligence & investigations unit as well as Israel’s elite ‎undercover surveillance unit within the Israeli National Police, where he worked as a senior investigative expert. S.Z. trained police intelligence units across Latin America and Africa, and managed sensitive field operations in the Caribbean, the EU, Latin America, and other areas of the world. He ‎holds a degree from Tel-Aviv University and is a certified black belt martial arts instructor.‎

G.P., Senior Team Member

G.P. was an officer in the Israeli Navy, later serving as an intelligence officer in the Israeli National Police. In this capacity, he recruited and handled confidential informants in hostile territories in order to combat terrorist cells and organized crime. 

G.P. was promoted to the rank of captain after which he was appointed head of Israel’s National Police Galilee ‎Command Processing, Evaluation & Analysis Center. He served in the Israeli ‎Security Agency (ISA) managing the operational counter-terrorism desk. Since his retirement G.P. works as a senior BD consultant for the Israeli Ministry of Defense and provides technology products to numerous intelligence and law enforcement organizations.

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Capt. (Res.) Dr. E.P., Senior Team Member

E.P. served as a senior intelligence officer and a director for the IDF’s Palestinian Authority Economic & Counter-Terrorism Financing Desk. He is a former officer and senior advisor to the Israeli Counter-Terrorism ‎Bureau and the ‎Israeli National ‎Security Council. E.P. was appointed as an advisor to the Israeli Prime Minister’s Office on combating ‎‎military and government financing of the Hamas terror organization. He also worked as a consultant for various foreign governments on security matters. Dr. E.P received a classified award from the FBI director for contributions to US Homeland Security. He is a world-renowned expert on the Hamas civilian infrastructure support of dawas (Muslim charitable organizations) that finance terrorist organizations. Dr. E.P. earned a Ph.D. from Israel’s Bar-Ilan University.‎

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