About us

Since 1999, DEMOMAN International Ltd. has been providing security, intelligence, and law enforcement services to various international governments and agencies including Israel, US, different NATO members and Fortune 500 companies.  DEMOMAN has recently expanded the company’s scope of services and its’ global operations now include the private sector and governments located in the regions of Latin America, North America, Africa, Europe and South East Asia. DEMOMAN initial focus was on demilitarization, explosive ordinance disposal, bomb security, and countering the post September 11th Suicide-Terrorism threat (see www.suicide-terrorism.com ). Today our company proudly provides wall-to-wall cutting edge solutions, unique intelligence and wealth protection services that allow our clients to execute projects safely around the globe. We also provide highly professional and discreet ‘due diligence’ vetting services to ensure third party transparency in third world countries and hot spots. Our services mitigate our client’s investment risk factors in conflict and post-conflict zones. From Bogota Colombia to Manila Philippines our highly trained team executes sensitive governmental and corporate security and intelligence assignments.  We are followers of the philosophy that ‘the best defense is offense’ and provide our clients with the best effective solutions to their security needs. We believe it is essential for our clients to be well informed in advance of any impending threats and we assist them to mitigate these threats. Our process starts with gathering relevant intelligence while implementing efficient counter-intelligence and security procedures to secure our client and his assets.

DEMOMAN’s current activities support governments in international law enforcement operations regarding terrorist financing, narcotic-trafficking, money laundering, sanctions enforcement and forensic financial investigations.  DEMOMAN specializes in combatting ‘Narco-Terrorism’ which is growing a trend in Central and South America. In these respective countries traditional cartels and Middle Eastern terrorist groups support massive narcotic processing and distribution networks which ultimately threatens newly established democratic governments. DEMOMAN assists in countering these complex transnational threats for its’ clients with high-end intelligence and covert operational services.

DEMOMAN’s highly specialized operations and proven methodologies not only meet the thresholds of the terrorist and criminal threats that military, diplomatic, governmental and corporate clients face but surpasses them. DEMOMAN’s management team includes former senior security, intelligence, military and law enforcement officers from Israel, United States, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Canada, and Spain.

DEMOMAN’s intelligence team holds vast experience in gathering intelligence and analyzing intelligence with state of the art mapping platforms.  DEMOMAN conducts ‘Situation-Evaluation’ when analyzing intelligence and practices the highest level of operational planning and execution for clandestine field work and security management projects. DEMOMAN also offers ‘Embedded Consulting’ which provides clients services on a 24/7 basis. DEMOMAN is ready and able to provide its clients all their security necessities.