Success Stories

• A large mining corporation lacked situational intelligence regarding a sensitive developing situation with local government and the local unions in South America. We obtained the information in critical time and saved their negotiations and their respective contract.

• An Investment Group retained our services to uncover a complex holding structure behind a financial institution that it was considering to purchase in Central Asia. Our results opened a Pandora box which is still discussed in court today.

• A large contractor for the US government utilized our services to assist them in a complex international investigation involving possible illegal money transfers and money-laundering.

• A European businessman was unjustly detained in an Eastern African country, after he uncovers embezzlement by his local partner who was well connected to local police. Five days after being detained we obtained his release. He now sues that government from the convenience of his home in Europe.

• A western government requested our services to conduct an on ground monitoring of an explosive political situation where their interests could be negatively affected. We have penetrated the highest decision making levels and obtained critical information in real time to assist them in securing their interests.

• We developed a regional intelligence system to monitor those who violate international sanctions. We assisted judicial systems in gathering evidence to prosecute financial institutions and individuals that committed violations.

• We investigated a multimillion dollar investment made by our European client in a Central American communication company and uncovered the company directors develop a major business using client money just to move all company ‎assets into another company which the investor was not part of. We obtained detailed information regarding the company’s scheme, current operations, and financial situation, including explicit pictures. The investigation resulted when officers of the court submitted subpoena to the directors as they were about ‎to open a PR conference in the USA.‎

• We salvaged a client’s government contracts in a West African country through our contacts with the opposition party, which had won an unexpected electoral victory.