Strategic Consulting

When a company faces a major ‎challenge or ‎a crisis resulting from an unstable security situation (extortion, kidnapping, threats, political ‎confrontation) it is critical that the management and directors ‎receive the most objective recommendations. It takes ‎a creative mind with a fresh point of view to construct a ‎strategic plan that will turn such a risk into an opportunity. With our network of industry experts we utilize our expertise to plan ‎and implement effective strategies to meet our client’s needs. Our skills and experience are especially relevant when your company is engaged in large scale projects in the third world, and conflicts or post-conflict zones.


Local Governments & Business Continuity

Global and Radical terrorism, climate change and constant economic crises on the national and transnational scales have transformed stable western societies into ‘kingdoms of uncertainty”, resembling a military battlefield.

Post September 11 State Governors, local Municipal Mayors and Corporate CEOs have transformed into ‘Commanders’ and ‘Generals’ and their bureaucracies have become ‘Headquarters’ for battling security crises. When faced with a catastrophic event on a local scale, most civic and political leaders  lack required skill sets to establish an effective system that can provide vital services such as law and safety to their public.

DEMOMAN developed a training program based on the unique ‘LIN’ (Leaders Intention) concepts and CONOPS (Concept of Operations). This unique approach to crises preparedness and management for homeland security and natural disasters allows our staff led by Dr. Col. (Ret.) Shai to prepare ‘management’ to function in multi-complex crises environments.