World class consulting

DEMOMAN provides world class consulting, training and security management services to support our clients in the governmental, public and corporate sectors. Our experienced teams are fully trained and ready to perform security duties and consulting worldwide. Our teams are able to provide superior protection to our clients by maintaining daily contact with their local law enforcement and security agencies. We costume design security strategies and solutions for our client’s security challenges, be it a major food corporation in Mexico, mining company in Africa or a private bank in Switzerland. We also provide an investigation and intelligence package that allows our clients to evaluate their security threats and our recommendations for effective solutions. (see Intelligence page for further info).


Multi-tier services

• Security Consulting & Training

• Covert Security & ‘Red-Team’ Services

• Executive Protection

• Installation Access Systems & Personnel

• Bomb Security and Screening Procedures

• Crisis Management Preparedness and Training

• Preventive Intelligence Gathering

• ‘Due Diligence’, Vetting and Deep Background Checks on Individuals and Companies

• Financial Control and Investigations

• Social Network Monitoring

Security Consulting & Training

DEMOMAN only employs highly trained professionals holding senior and executive government experience. For each project we assemble teams that hold the relevant expertise to conduct and address our client’s unique challenges. DEMOMAN has trained thousands of government and private security officers worldwide and works to customize its programs to fit trainees starting levels and bring them to the highest professional level. DEMOMAN specializes in creating security programs to fit our client’s culture and language.



Executive Protection

Our intimate knowledge and experience in current global hot-spots allows us to provide senior officials, top executives and other businessman top level executive protection and wealth protection services. We prefer a low profile and instill covert security measures to reduce our client’s profiles. We assist our clients in screening, recruiting, training, testing, and managing their protection units which we can also manage ourselves. When needed we deploy our own world class PSD (Private Security Detail) teams to secure top level meetings in high risk locations and hostile environments. When needed we work together with foreign or local intelligence and law enforcement personnel for additional assistance. DEMOMAN offers preventive intelligence coverage for operations and relevant sites in order to mitigate potential risks while our respective clients are ‘In-Theater’. DEMOMAN offers a full range of protective executive services in conflict zones and post conflict zones.


Screening & Bomb Security

Since 1999, DEMOMAN has provided various Israeli and international government agencies training on screening & bomb security. DEMOMAN focuses on training security personnel on the developing threats of IED’s, pipe bombs, body inserted devices and other lethal improvised weaponry used by terrorist groups and organized crime. We provide consulting services on technologies that threaten our client’s security and train security personnel to operate various security systems. We have developed a special training program on countering Suicide-Terrorism, for more information please see: . As a matter of policy DEMOMAN conducts discrete “Red-Team” ‘Stress Tests’ on its clients security systems in order to ensure their systems are functioning at full capacity . DEMOMAN focuses on identifying and providing solutions for possible ‘lapses’ or ‘gaps’ in security systems in a cost effective manner.