Intelligence Gathering

DEMOMAN provides its’ clients consulting services and intelligence programs that are geared to improve their information gathering procedures. DEMOMAN has instilled effective intelligence networks worldwide that are superior in obtaining strategic information.

We believe in Mark Twain’s assertion that “It is wiser to find out than to suppose”. Accordingly we consult all our clients on effective methods to gather intelligence and assist them in identifying threats before security crises occur.  There is an advantage in using cutting edge technology in gathering intelligence but we believe technology is only as good as the people that operate and manage it. For this reason DEMOMAN’s biggest investment is in Human Capital.

DEMOMAN provides strategic intelligence on a long term basis and conducts Ad-Hoc gathering operations to uncover specific information. Intelligence gathering takes time but we produce quality results which continuously meet our client’s expectations.

As Sun Tzu said‎ “Supreme excellence consists in breaking the enemy’s resistance without fighting”

This can only be achieved when excellent and reliable intelligence is in our possession.

Intelligence Operations:

DEMOMAN plans and executes sophisticated intelligence operations to obtain well protected or hidden information. Elite technology, top professionals, creative tactics are used in our operations and have been responsible for changing courses of actions of our client’s adversaries. Furthermore, our results have been a basis for law suits and are used as negotiation leverage.

Financial Investigations

DEMOMAN holds a long standing record of expertise in identifying ‘money trails’ of institutes and people by conducting covert financial intelligence operations. Our operations have effectively crippled terrorist groups, drug cartels, and criminal organizations worldwide and have brought many of these entities to court. When necessary we conduct investigations with local, international intelligence and law enforcement agencies. ‎

Due-Diligence Support

We provide litigation support to help our client’s lawyers establish their cases in the justice systems or obtain the needed leverage to negotiate. We assist financial institutions and corporations to comply with FCPA (Foreign Corrupt Practices Act) and other similar local and international laws. Our due diligence can also assist our clients in their vetting process when dealing with their suppliers, buyers, mediators, and local partners and when hiring new worldwide executives- from Japan to Venezuela, from Australia to Ghana.

Social Network Monitoring

DEMOMAN provides ‘Social Network’ monitoring for unstable ‎countries and regions. DEMOMAN provides clients with real time warnings when their ‎projects, site names or affiliates are mentioned on hostile websites. DEMOMAN has co-developed a unique ‘i-platform’ where specialists monitor ‘open’ and ‘invitation-only’ Radical ‎Islamic, Extremists, Drug Cartels and International Criminal Gang’s websites and blogs. These ‘Alert services’ provide governmental ‎agencies and 500 Fortune companies with critical anti-hostile warning systems. These services provide our clients with effective monitoring coverage geared to ‎protect their respective human capital and manage their threats more efficiently.