Our Team

DEMOMAN INTERNATIONAL Ltd. has a select management team comprised of one of the world’s most experienced and trained intelligence, defense, security and law enforcement professionals. This enables us to provide our clients effective security services to all their unique needs. Our unique operational capabilities and global networks transform our clients ‘Threats’ into ‘Opportunities’.

Mr. Tal Hanan, Founder & CEO,

Served in the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) Army Special Forces as an EOD Officer and later became a deputy commander of the elite Israeli Air Force EOD unit. During his military service he liaised and trained several foreign military forces and was also the IDF Liaison Officer to the US Sixth Fleet SF Command. Mr. Hanan is an internationally recognized expert on urban warfare, counter-terrorism training, intelligence, leadership and international Islamic Jihad terrorism. He has received numerous commendations and testimonials from senior military, law enforcement and government officials in Israel, the US and countries worldwide. Since 1990, Mr. Hanan has been engaged worldwide in the security, defense, and intelligence and law enforcement industries. Mr. Hanan is a very popular lecturer and has given testimony and verbal briefings to the US Congress and many other foreign governments and international corporations. Mr. Hanan is a retired Major from the IDF and holds a B.A. in International Relations from Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

Mr. Hanan’s career highlights to date include:

2007-2011: Trained over 4,700 senior Military, Law Enforcement and Homeland Security Officers with Texas AM University and directed  US-PHS (United States Public Health Service) ‘Counter-Terrorism, Disaster Response & Leadership’ Rapid-deployment training programs.

2007: Trained the OAS ‎(Organization of American States) during the Cricket World Cup tournament in the Caribbean. Trained senior intelligence and law enforcement officers on counter terrorism tactics and security threats in the tourism industry.

2005-Present: Oversaw DEMOMAN’s support contracts to several Government OGA’s (‘Other Government Agencies’) and law enforcement agencies in anti-narcotic, anti-terrorism, anti-money laundering and ‘International Crime’ investigations and legal prosecutions.

2002-Present: Advisor to several government agencies and private contracting companies across Latin America, Africa, Iraq and Afghanistan.

1999-2011: Lead numerous intelligence, security, law enforcement and anti-corruption missions, assignments and consulting projects for several NATO members, South American governments and private corporations in the oil & gas sectors. Lead high-risk executive protection operations in Mexico, Colombia and Venezuela.

Col. (Res.) Dr. Hanan Shai

 Highly decorated Senior Israeli military officer with over 30 years of service in the Israeli Defense Forces. He served with high distinction in four wars and founded and commanded the ‘Advanced Training Program’ for senior ranking officers at the prestigious IDF General Staff College. Dr. Shai is a senior advisor to the Israeli Ministry of Defense and is also a well sought lecturer in Governmental Disaster Response and Counter-Terrorism Leadership Programs worldwide.  He has lectured at prestigious universities throughout the United States and Europe and has also advised and given testimony to the US Congress on several Homeland Security and Disaster Response matters. Dr. Shai has a PhD in Strategy and International Relations from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Israel.


Special Agent (Ret.) Samuel Bashan, Training Director

 Served in the IDF and the ISA (Israel Security Agency) for over 20 years. He was a member of the Israeli government’s Dignitary protection unit and served as a Team Leader, responsible for the security of three Israeli Prime Ministers. Mr. Bashan is an expert in bomb security and preventing sabotage. He is a Master trainer, with ability to train the minds of security officers and was awarded for his creativity and lecturing skills. As Chief Instructor of the ISA’s  Anti-Sabotage Unit, he has trained hundreds of Israeli security officers stationed in Israel and abroad. In this capacity, he formulated and implemented procedures and security systems that are still used today at Ben-Gurion International Airport in Tel-Aviv and other Israeli Governmental and Military installations.


Mr. ‘A. G.’, Director of Security and Covert Operations

Served in an elite IDF SF unit and is a former Israeli security and intelligence operative. During his IDF service, Mr. AG became a trained sniper, a combat diver and was later recruited into the Intelligence and Special Operations Agency. After intensive training he began his operative career overseas working in highly sensitive covert operations. Based on his European education background, languages and learned skills he was posted to several countries worldwide and gained invaluable field experience. His duties included information gathering in high risk and hostile environments. He has extensive experience and knowledge of security, intelligence and counter-intelligence operations. Mr. AG is a certified ‘Advanced Training Instructor’ within the Israeli security establishment.


Mr. ‘A. S.’, Executive Team Member

Served as Senior Officer in the British Military as a member of the elite ‘SAS’ (Special Air Service).  Mr. ‘A.S.’ was awarded the Victoria Cross medal from Queen Elizabeth for bravery in combat during a special operation in the Middle East. During his distinguished military career he commanded several intelligence gathering operations and counter terrorism assaults in hostile territory and has over 1000 parachute jumps to his credit. After retiring from military service he served in an Executive Protection unit for the Balkan royal family where he was again commended for bravery. Mr. A.S jumped in front of a royal family member and stopped a would-be assassin’s bullet while his team eliminated the perpetrator.  He served in highly classified SF operations in the Balkans where he trained local friendly forces during the Balkan conflict and also served as a security consultant to a Balkan Prime Minister. Mr. A.S. is recognized as a ‘Shaolin Master’ and has undertaken numerous special training and instruction courses by the British Military.


Mr. ‘R. M. .’, Senior Team Member

Served as a Spanish Special Forces and later became a ‘Bomb Disposal ‎Master’ where he led many ETA IED’s disarming and disposal. Mr. R.M. served with high distinction in Afghanistan where he was a senior NATO Instructor overseeing training programs on identifying ‎and dealing with IED’s during field operations with the Afghan military and law enforcement detachments. R. M. is a Weapon & Tactics ‎instructor and Executive protection trainer.


Mr. ‘N.B.H’, Executive Team Member

Served in the IDF’s elite ‘Intelligence & Special Operations’ unit, which included intensive counter terrorism field work and counter-insurgency conflict training. Mr. N.B.H. served in various long term projects in Honduras, Mexico, Israel, Angola, Venezuela and Nigeria He was responsible for coordinating special police and military units for governments worldwide. Mr. N.B.H. is a certified Firearm & Tactics Instructor as well as Special Operations Trainer and has consulted many security projects in the oil & gas industry.


Mr. ‘L. L.’,  Executive Team Member

 Served as a Senior Officer in an elite IDF SF unit that implements  ‘Deep Penetration’ deployment into enemy ‎territory during hostile operations. Since 1997 he was based in Latin America and was responsible for training over a thousand Latin American special law enforcement and executive protection teams. Mr. L.L. specializes in ‎variouse tracking and surveillance technology and has successfully completed numerous high risk ‎deployments in Mexico, Guatemala, and Venezuela. He also specializes in recruiting hostile sources and handling CI’s (Confidential Informants).


Mr. S. Z, Senior Team Member

 Served in the IDF’s ‘Counter ‎Intelligence & Investigations’ unit and  in Israel’s National Police top ‎undercover surveillance unit where he worked as a senior investigative expert. Mr. S.Z. trained intelligence ‎police units across Latin America and Africa and managed sensitive field operations in the Caribbean, the EU, Latin America and in additional countries worldwide. He ‎holds a B.A. from Tel-Aviv University Israel and is a certified IOGKF black belt instructor.‎


Mr. ‘G. P’ Senior Team Member

 Served as an Officer in the Israeli Navy and served as an Intelligence Officer in Israel’s National Police where he handled CI (Confidential Informants) and recruited informants in hostile territories to combat terrorists cells and organized crime. Mr. G.P. was promoted to the rank of Captain and then headed Israel’s National Police ‘Galilee ‎Command Processing, Evaluation & Analysis Center’. He served in the Israeli ‎Security Agency (I.S.A) managing the ‘Operational Counter Terrorism Desk’. Since his retirement Mr. G.P works as a senior BD consultant for the Israeli MoD (Ministry of Defense) and provides technological products to numerous intelligence and law enforcement organizations.


Jose A. Ramos, Senior Team Member

A retired US Army Officer, Aviator and Pilot who served for 20 years in the US Army and US Marine Corps. Mr Ramos served  in several key positions including postings to: Iraq as an ‘Executive Manager, Airfield Operations Commander’ of the US Embassy in Baghdad; ‘Chief Project Operations Manager’ at MFO (Multinational Force and Observers-Sinai) HQ in Tel Aviv;Program Director/Aviation Project Manager’ MFO, Aviation Detachment Sinai Desert Peninsula. Mr. Ramos is a former Commander of the US VIP Air Travel Services Unit (Aviation Support for Senior US DoD and US DoS Officials) and is certified flight instructor. He is highly experienced in Rotary Aviation support of asset deployments and has directed logistic support for US Embassies in various locations worldwide. Mr. Ramos has a B.A. in Political Science and a MBA from Rutgers University, Newark, NJ USA.


Capt. (Res.) Dr. E.P.

 Served as a Senior Intelligence Officer and a Chief for the IDF’s ‘Palestinian Authority Economic & Terrorist Financing Desk’. He is a former Officer and Senior advisor to the Israeli Counter-Terrorism ‎Bureau and the ‎Israeli National ‎Security Council. He was appointed as an advisor to the Israeli Prime Minister’s Office on combating ‎‎ Hamas’s military and government ‎terrorist financing. He also consulted various foreign governments on security matters.  Dr. E.P received a classified award  from a FBI Director for his work and contribution to US Homeland security. Dr. E.P. is a renowned expert on the Hamas ‘Civilian Infrastructure’ support of Dawa’s (Muslim charitable organizations) financing Terrorist organizations.  Dr. E.P. has a PhD. from Bar Ilan University, Ramat Gan, Israel.‎