About Us

Since 1999, DEMOMAN International Ltd. has been providing security, intelligence, and law enforcement services to various international governments and agencies including Israel, US, different NATO members and Fortune 500 companies. DEMOMAN has recently expanded the company’s scope of services and its’ global operations now include the private sector and governments located in the regions of Latin America, North America, Africa, Europe and South East Asia.

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Our Vision

To provide secure conditions for governments, corporations, and private businesses to conduct their respective business activities safely and efficiently everywhere; and assist our clients to turn crisis situations and threats into opportunities.

Our Team

DEMOMAN INTERNATIONAL Ltd. has a select management team comprised of one of the world’s most experienced and trained intelligence, defense, security and law enforcement professionals. This enables us to provide our clients effective security services to all their unique needs. Our unique operational capabilities and global networks transform our clients ‘Threats’ into ‘Opportunities’.

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