Demoman Your Global Security Trainers

Since 1999, DEMOMAN International Ltd. has been providing security, intelligence, and law enforcement services to various international governments and agencies including Israel, US, different NATO members and Fortune 500 companies.  DEMOMAN has recently expanded the company’s scope of services and its’ global operations now include the private sector and governments located in the regions of Latin America, North America, Africa, Europe and South East Asia.

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Strategy Consulting & Training

With our network of industry experts we utilize our expertise to plan ‎and implement effective strategies to meet our client’s needs. Our skills and experience are especially relevant when your company is engaged in large scale projects in the third world, and conflicts or post-conflict zones.
DEMOMAN developed a training program based on the unique ‘LIN’ (Leaders Intention) concepts and CONOPS (Concept of Operations). This unique approach to crises preparedness and management for homeland security and natural disasters allows our staff led by Dr. Col. (Ret.) Shai to prepare ‘management’ to function in multi-complex crises environments.
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World ClassSecurity Consulting

DEMOMAN provides world class consulting, training and security management services to support our clients in the governmental, public and corporate sectors. Our experienced teams are fully trained and ready to perform security duties and consulting worldwide. Our teams are able to provide superior protection to our clients by maintaining daily contact with their local law enforcement and security agencies. We costume design security strategies and solutions for our client’s security challenges, be it a major food corporation in Mexico, mining company in Africa or a private bank in Switzerland. We also provide an investigation and intelligence package that allows our clients to evaluate their security threats and our recommendations for effective solutions. (see Intelligence page for further info).

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Demoman - Your Global Intelligence Gathering

DEMOMAN provides its’ clients consulting services and intelligence programs that are geared to improve their information gathering procedures. DEMOMAN has instilled effective intelligence networks worldwide that are superior in obtaining strategic information.

We believe in Mark Twain’s assertion that “It is wiser to find out than to suppose”. Accordingly we consult all our clients on effective methods to gather intelligence and assist them in identifying threats before security crises occur.  There is an advantage in using cutting edge technology in gathering intelligence but we believe technology is only as good as the people that operate and manage it. For this reason DEMOMAN’s biggest investment is in Human Capital.

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